LEAD CHARACTERS (14 Full Cast, 8 for Workshop or Concert)

Within a totalitarian dystopian society, an enigmatic, cult of personality known only as “Big Brother” manages all aspects of society for the state’s singular political faction, the “Party”.  All Party Members must follow extremely regimented laws which prohibit free thought, sex for pleasure, or any expression of individuality.  Having reached his breaking point, Winston Smith knowingly commits "Thought Crime" by recording his frustrations into an illegal notebook.  Julia, a young coworker with whom he has exchanged glances, then slips him a love note.  She also secretly rebels against the Party through clandestine one night stands.  Despite fearing apprehension by the Gestapo like “Thought Police”, Winston succumbs to Julia's invitation to meet.  Kindred spirits, they soon become more than a one night stand.  For the first time in their lives they discover love and some semblance of freedom and purpose.

Desperate to find a way to live out their lives together, the two lovers contemplate joining the "Brotherhood", an underground army sworn to the destruction of Big Brother.  Winston receives a manifesto from his superior O’Brien that is written by Emanuel Goldstein, the Brotherhood's leader.   It chronicles everything Winston has feared about their society.  Now sure that O’Brien is part of the Brotherhood's resistance together they approach him united in their resolve to live out their lives as revolutionaries.  O’Brien welcomes them, but soon after they are betrayed and arrested by the Thought Police.  Winston is then tortured by O'Brien who must break his rebel heart.  Taken to the brink of death, Winston finally capitulates.

The now psychologically scarred lovers reunite for a poignant final scene.  Has the Party won?  Can a political system that demands absolute conformity destroy an individual's need to freely express their own thoughts and desires?   And can becoming an inconsequential cog within a collective machine become the preferred way of living life???  Careful answering ... Big Brother may be listening!


In 1984, all citizens must conform to the Party's dehumanizing dogma and way of life.  If they say 2+2=5, all must agree or be 're-educated'.

In this adaptation, anyone convicted of 'Thought Crime' is publicly shamed and deplatformed.  They must then confess and apologize for their crimes during a public broadcaset while hateful tweets written by former 'comrades' stream by.

In 1984, the Ministry of Truth is the propoganda arm of the Party.  They control everything that everyone hears, sees and even thinks.

In this adaptation, the Ministry of Truth fabricates 'narratives' designed to inflame people's emotions.  The more citizens respond, the more purchasing credits they receive.

In 1984, prominent Telescreens and human checkpoints track everything a citizen does so the Thought Police know all! 

In this adaptation, Thought Police are fed real-time data via hidden cameras, palm devices, purchases, online postings, travel logs and child spies.

In 1984, Winston's job is to rewrite past events so Big Brother is never contradicted.  No one knows the past because it has all been rewritten.

In this adaptation, history has been blamed by the Party for the failed revolution that led to them seizing power so as to restore order.  Afterwhich, all statues, flags, museums, libraries and historical databases were destroyed.


In 1984, a Party initiative called Newspeak strives to limit the approved language used by it's citizenry.  Even if a person were to contemplate a rebellious thought, soon they will lack the vocabulary to articulate it. 

In this adaptation, Newspeak considers almost anything descriptive as illegal.  No opinions, reference to race, sexuality, aesthetics, sense of fairness etc.  But now, so much language has been eliminated that citizens find it increasingly difficult to describe their observations or feelings about almost anything.


This is a Rock Opera.

Less choreography than a typical musical.

A visually engaging set serves as the Eye Candy!